Who is she?

(eh-s-ter bah-tits-kee also acceptable bah-tee-kee)

A twenty-something some-sort-of designer. Her passion for storytelling and cool tech started in high school where she confused her instructors with amateur projects made in Flash and skits filmed with a cheap camcorder.

Her education and experience has covered:

Her multi-faceted abilities allows her to be a versatile team player and a benevolent leader. She’s loosely documented her evolution, and you can view it all in her portfolio below.

Esther has got a lot to say. She loves reading books, she’s a relentless researcher, is very opinionated, honest and has been told on multiple occasions that she lacks a “filter” and that she “thinks too much.” Who knows, a chat with Esther might help you win money on a game show one day.

What credentials does she have from a traditional medieval styled institution?

Bachelor of Applied Design in Graphic Design for Marketing
2008-2012 Kwantlen Polytechnic University

New Media Design & Web Development Certificate
2006-2007 British Columbia Institute of Technology

Can I have a copy of her resume?

Yes, take one!

Can I have her number?

Esther loves coffee.

* Are you human?